Over the 2017/2018 concert season, the MPO Chorus accompanied us in any concert produced by us that required a choir. But together with Arts Council Malta, we’re now taking the next step, and transforming it into Kor Malta – Malta’s national choir.

Kor Malta will take over the MPO Chorus’ role as the choir responsible for the MPO’s choral projects, but it will also be holding a cappella concerts, and in the future, choristers may also receive the opportunity to perform on a chamber or ensemble level.

Kor Malta – Call for auditions

The choristers who are currently part of MPO Chorus will continue being involved in Kor Malta, but membership in the choir is also open to anyone who wishes to audition to join this group.

Auditions are to be held on 10, 11, 12 and 13 September, starting at 7pm, at the rehearsal rooms at the MPO Offices (4th floor, Catholic Institute, Floriana).

Aspiring choristers are asked to send an email to chorus@maltaorchestra.com by noon on Thursday, 6 September, 2018 and specify their preferred audition date. A digital version (PDF) of the score of a classical piece of music of one’s choice to be performed during the audition should also be sent by the same date.

The audition will consist of the following:

  • a few scales to determine your vocal range
  • a performance of the classical piece of your choosing
  • sight reading of a small piece provided on the day
  • additionally, you may be asked to sing a choral piece which will be sent to you when you apply for the audition

Since the balance of voices needs to be taken into account, not all successful candidates are guaranteed a place in KorMalta. However, a waiting list will be created, and candidates may be asked to join the chorus for bigger projects as the need arises.

KorMalta choristers will receive payment for rehearsals and concerts, but will also receive the opportunity to experience masterclasses with local and foreign professionals to improve their singing and general music skills. These classes will be provided free of charge, but all choristers will be expected to participate.